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The Daniel Fast

Consider eating this way for perhaps just one meal, one day a week, perhaps as confidence grows it could be a week or 10 days, 3 weeks or more! Perhaps you get one meal right a day to start. Consider a green smoothie for breakfast over what you are doing now or overnight oats. Once you are accustomed to this change then perhaps you find work on lunch and eat a burrito bowl. Then as you feel stronger work on dinner. Be gentle unless you feel you are read to go all the way and only eat plants and water for a time as you see below. Expect to detox if you do this and with this can come a worsening of symptoms as your microbiome shifts. The bad guys know how to make you feel sick if you don’t feed them! As you more and more feed the good bacteria in your gut that is proven to turn off inflammatory and oncogenic pathways you will start winning the war in the colon and reclaim your optimal health.

Please note you should consult your doctor especially if you are on medications as eating this way will likely address the cause of your chronic disease such as hypertension or diabetes and vitals, glucose levels will need to be monitored more closely with appropriate medication adjustments. If you would like a Lifestyle Medicine consultation and are living in near Bend Oregon give us a call to schedule! (541) 706-9985

Below is the Daniel Plan from my old church in California.

The Daniel Plan

My Dream

(Your positive intentions and prayers are appreciated) I have a dream for 50-100 acres  with well water and clean river access It will be a healing sanctuary for humans especially those with special needs, those without family in need of permanent homes and rescued animals. Supporting an intentional community practicing sacred economics A veganic farm with…

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