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My Dream

(Your positive intentions and prayers are appreciated)

I have a dream for 50-100 acres  with well water and clean river access

It will be a healing sanctuary for humans especially those with special needs, those without family in need of permanent homes and rescued animals.

Supporting an intentional community practicing sacred economics

A veganic farm with a vegetable prescription program

Providing nutrient dense whole vegan foods

Residential plant-based nutrition & medically assisted water fasting

Traditional osteopathic and lifestyle focused family medicine

Lifestyle & osteopathic manual medicine medical student and resident training

Yoga & meditation classes

Nutrition & cooking classes

Veganic farming & gardening classes

Fermentation & sprouting classes

1/2 to day long intensive seminars on disease reversal

Weekend wellness retreats & seminars

Therapy time & service work with the animal rescues

Somatic counseling services

And of course all covered by the Oregon Health Plan as they will recognize that this is the best way of truly keeping patients & communities well. The best way to prevent and reverse disease rather than continuing to create permanent patients that require a lifetime of expensive pharmaceutical drugs and surgical interventions. The best way to treat cause rather than merely inefficiently and dangerously  just keep plugging up the leaks by treating symptoms with drugs.

Complications of conventional pharmacologic and surgical medical treatment is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. #1 is coronary artery disease, #2 cancer. Both 1 & 2 are up to 90 percent preventable if we followed a whole food plant-based diet & regularly exercised.      JAMA: Is US Health Really the Best in the World?    Starfield, MD, MPH

All humans and animals deserve to be happy and free. Eating animals is unnecessary for health for most humans and currently is the main cause of disease in the US. It is also environmentally unsustainable and so I am sorry to say we must live and teach the vegan way, non-judgmentally but without apology. It is the only answer for individual, global and planetary health. We can not continue to define individual health in a bubble as being isolate and separate from the community and the planet. All of our choices effect our communities the animals and our shared environment.

We can save the planet by eliminating animal agriculture.The sanskrit translation for the word war is ‘the desire for more cattle’. If you trace back our history there was a time before animal herding agriculture began when we were gatherers before hunters and we embraced matriarchal systems of government, theology and culture. The planets environmental degradation began with the onset of animal herding agriculture and the consequent embracement of patriarchal, war dominant theology to justify & fit our blood and land lust. And medicine also shifted from the laws of nature and the application of its innate healing forces to the concept of domination, first over animals and other humans and then over disease with the use of poisons and eventual drugs to treat the illness over the use of plants and fasting. (Read the Chalice & The Blade by Riane Eisler and The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, PhD for more on that.)

Lets choose to eat whole over processed

Plants over animals

Organic over genetically modified, artificially colored and chemically laden

Water over chemical drinks

Minimize or avoid sugar, salt and oils

Avoid all dairy products and animal flesh.

Move your body daily with yoga and cardiovascular exercise

Meditate & sleep soundly

Lets work for optimal health, happiness, and strength for us all

Lets work to end unnecessary suffering of humans and all earthlings.

Lets work to reverse and prevent disease

May we live awakened, free lives so that we may have the opportunity to live out our true purpose and passions

May we create communities that enable a way of living that does not require working for  corporations that continue to engage in violent, unethical and environmentally unsustainable practices.

May we create sustainable, gift economy communities that prioritize health, family, mental and emotional health over  ego, 3rd party corporate financial gains. Where all people have access to our best medicine, plants.

Choose politicians that are driven to help the people and planet over corporate & special interests.

Invest in companies that are non-violent to animals, humans and the planet.

May all beings be happy & free,

Kyle Homertgen, DO

If you have any interest in being on our board let me know

Looking for those with knowledge and skills in business, real estate, sustainable zero carbon home building, veganic farming, occupational & physical therapy, psychology/counseling, veterinary medicine, osteopathic medicine – I will be looking of another osteopath to join  our for profit clinic at Bend Osteopathic Care once we begin at the new site.

Looking for those with knowledge and skills in business/finance, real estate, sustainable zero carbon home building, veganic farming, occupational & physical therapy, psychology/counseling, veterinary medicine, osteopathic medicine – I will be looking of another osteopath to join  our for-profit clinic at Bend Osteopathic Care once we begin at the new site. Bend Osteopathic Care will be our major source of funding but we welcome donations if this is how you feel called to support the vision. And anyone who feels called to share the gifts with humans and animals in need!

Some recommended reading:

by Micheal Greger, MD

by Doug Lisle, PhD

by Riane Eisler

by Will Tuttle, PhD

Watch Forks Over Knives & Cowspiracy on Netflix

Vegan Starter Kit  — >

2 comments on “My Dream

  1. Your dream sounds a lot like my dream!
    I so appreciate your words! I resonated with so many of your words. Particularly, the parts about the “sanctuary or the residential plant-based nutrition & medically assisted water fasting offering lifestyle focused family medicine, yoga & meditation classes, nutrition & cooking classes, veganic farming & gardening classes, fermentation & sprouting classes, intensive seminars on disease reversal, weekend wellness retreats & seminars”.
    I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with 27 years in the medical field, 14 years as a nurse practitioner. I am passionate about health and nutrition. I live in Southern Oregon in Jacksonville and work in Medford. I believe the future of healthcare and medicine needs to focus on health and wellness, disease prevention, by changing the focus of medicine to be based on lifestyle on nutrition factors. As a nurse practitioner, with nursing as a background, our foundation is already focused on health promotion and disease prevention.
    I want to help others achieve their health goals and be a witness to the wonders that I know a whole foods exclusive diet can generate. I am very passionate about educating and teaching what I know, giving tools so folks are able to make the right choices for their health, so they can live a long life, trim and healthy and free of chronic disease as well.
    Since 2011 I have been “close to vegan”, on and off again. I’d go back & forth like this for the next few years – lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight, etc. At times I regained more than 30 to 40 pounds! I completely made the commitment to go 100% plant based, animal free February 2017. It was FINALLY, November of 2017 when I finally heard the complete message about calorie density thanks to Chef AJ and have remained completely free of processed foods and became whole foods plant exclusive.
    I am committed to be being free, of processed foods, like flour products, sugar [including alcohol] and even salt [only on very rare occasion] because I am exhausted from gaining weight, feeling bad about self ~ essentially feeling horrible about myself and in no way practicing self-care, kindness & compassion to me (which is so critical, as important as getting the compliant food accurate).
    I am fully engaged in this nutrition lifestyle and I stay engaged!
    I have a certificate, Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell, completed June 2018. I cannot get enough! I am currently going through lifestyle coaching class with Well Coaches affiliated with ACLM.

    1. All so good to read Pam! Let’s stay in touch. I am probably a year out from have enough for the land purchase but am also open to locations further away from Bend.

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