Pat Rodegast channeling Emmanuel. Introduction by Ram Dass, includes interviews with Pat.

I feel there are essential teachings within this video whether you choose to believe in channeling or that it is merely a deep part of knowing from Pat. If you have an hour I recommend a listen with an open mind & heart 🙂

These teachings stood out for me:

You are held in the hands of God and you are absolutely safe

What to do (with someone who is lost): 

Become the loving teacher 

Be who you are in as much love as you posses, as you have allowed yourself to remember 

Be that loving remembering human being in the company of the forgetter 

They will see your light when they are ready. They will hear you when they can

And pray for them 

One thing a day dear ones That you do not love, bring it into your attention And lovingly examine it. Be aware of  yourself as you pursue this wisdom and say yes to yourself every inch of the way 

The bedtime story: 

Yes I will let you love me!

I will put myself clearly on the altar of faith and I will say to you and to you and to the light and the oneness of all, yes! Yes I will let you love me!

Then two became one again and you put on her wings and returned home 

Chris Hedges & Cornell West in Conversation – Wages of Rebellion

These are 2 of my most loved voices in America today. This is a conversation from 2016 but just as relevant today. My hope is that all Americans can heal and come together in solidarity against the systemic racist & corporate forces that wish to keep us divided. A dream for love in action. How do we live our lives with honor and integrity against the forces of evil & greed. May we love one another. May white people heal their shame, finally deal with our guilt. Finally adequately address their trauma, our collective trauma and truly listen to our black brothers and sisters. Pause. Listen! We can take back this country but only united, not divided. Oppose the military industrial complex. Oppose the systemic racist and predatory corporate economic system. Educate. Listen. Protest. Serve. Listen! Feel your shit. Feel your body. Feel the pain. Stop running from it. Turn off the TV. Breathe. Read the books of our African American leaders. We can not do this alone but much of the work is an inward journey to work with our shadow. Work with the dark forces at play that have blinded us from reality. Distracted us from our common enemy. May all Americans heal and come together to fight the good fight. The just fight with non-violence. Commit to the daily work. The work is hard but we need to think about the day when we take our last breath. What do we want to remember? Did we unite and fight for justice or did we succumb to the current fear and forces that teach us to hate others. Do we remember fighting for all people, colors and creeds or in fear only for those who looked like use or believed like us. Listen. Breathe. Use the breath. Walk. Touch the earth daily. Eat less and less addictive foods. Use less and less drugs. Less and less TV. Consider only watching the TV to educate yourself on what our black brothers and sisters have endured and endure. See the resources posted in the prior post. Take 90 minutes and watch these 2 of my favorite people on this planet speak the truth.