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Reflections on healing while walking with Jessa


Healing is rarely abrupt more a slow unfolding, a shedding layer by layer in gratitude for the collection of sacred spaces of deep rest, gentle intentional movements and reflection. A collection of ordinary moments where we are fully present.

We pray that support comes to us, not to add things into our life, but to support us in letting go of the layered protections that are no longer necessary. The support of reminders of our connection, reminders of source, reminders of our blessed birthright to be fully human. The support of an old friend or the kind eyes of a stranger. Support from the presence of a sentient fury one, a tree, the sounds of the river, the call of one with wings, the sun, her warmth on our cheeks.

Root down, head to heart, heart to belly, belly to sacrum, sacrum to feet, feet to soil. Feeling free to move, to dance and explore the great mysteries of soul, of our divine uniqueness, the teachings in our pain. The strength to do the work needed due to trauma. 

May we be grateful for this very moment.

A practice:

Come to your breath. The inhalation through the nose, the soft belly rises, the spine is neutral, shoulders resting on the rib cage, feel the lower ribs in their excursion horizontally. The slow exhalation through our nose or mouth, the belly falls, the lower ribs coming back toward the spine.

When in doubt come back to the body, come back to the breath. Just breathe, walk, see with a holy present gaze, a newness, a unique vantage point. Feel gratitude, feel your wholeness, your connection. We are all beloved sons and daughters of the Creator. Fear not the other. The other is an illusion, yet it is a great teacher to listen to and learn from.

And when we are present, there are no ordinary moments…(thank you Dan Millman) 

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