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We can not be silent in this moment. Listen, look within, so we may heal, transform & peacefully act!

We can not be silent in this moment. We need to believe in the power of love and listen. And stand together. Stand in front of all those who are oppressed & in danger. In front of our African American brothers and sisters. In front of our LGTBQ+ brothers and sisters and non-binary persons. Doctors have been told to stay in their lane and not post politically. I can not be silent. We need to stand for justice. Shine a light on the causes of disease. Our biggest cause is our predatory capitalistic system that relies on racist & speciesist policies to survive. This includes the pharmaceutical, animal Ag, carbon fuel, banking & student loan industries. We need to fight to end racism & speciesism within medicine. Within our communities, our criminal justice system, our educational system, our governing bodies. We need to love one another and fight this corporate systemic predatory capitalism that has taken over medicine and is destroying this country. Awaken to love. Forgive. Go within and feel. Educate. Listen! Do not remain silent any longer. I am not a democrat or republican. The 2 party system is a sham. Both parties are bought and share the same donor class. We need non-violent collective mobilization and civil disobedience. We need from the bottom up love warriors of change. Let’s stay curious & mindful of our daily actions. Our learned racist thoughts and beliefs. Our own internal gangster within. We are all perfectly imperfect holy beings. We are all children of the Creator. We share this spectacular but never more threatened home, planet Earth. May we return to love. Return to non-violence & kindness. Cry, feel it all. Stay curious of how much time we are numbed by intoxicants, TV & social media. Reconnect with nature. Practice listening. Seeing others fully as the holy beings that they are. We are one family. Feel a future that contains justice. A just democracy. That eliminates systemic predatory capitalism that relies on racism & speciesism to survive. That protects our shared home. Feel access to clean water and safe housing, living wages for all. Feel value returned to sacred character and not commodification. We can do this. We are all here at this time for a reason. May we not let this moment pass. Not succumb to the scapegoating tactics at play. If you die today believing the lies: that immigrants are the problem, that people of color are the problem, that Islam is the problem – you will die with hatred dominating your consciousness. Is that how you want to die? Hating other human beings. We can hate the ideology. Hate white supremacy. Hate the greed of our corporate predatory system but love one another. Love yourself. May we support each other, help each other heal so that the hatred of others may pass on. So that we may be reborn in our birthright of love & compassion. That is a life worth living, that extends beyond personal financial wealth and property. A life for justice. A life of integrity. A life of service. Miracles through action. I love Dr Cornwell West and every time I hear him speak I learn something new or remember what is sacred and forgotten. I encourage everyone to listen to him.


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