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Bieler’s Broth

Highly recommend. I need it now. Cayce, along with Ohsawa (Macrobiotics) would stress the importance of acid-alkaline balance. Most Western diets are too acidic, less greens in favor of more refined sugars and meats. So a good way to cheat on the go is to make this broth and keep in fridge for daily intake.


1 lb of green beans
1 lb of zucchini
1 bunch of parsley
1 bunch of celery

Dice, boil until soft, then puree in blender. You can flavor with lemon juice. It makes a very mild, super-green mixture that alkalinizes your system.

Source: Dr. Henry Bieler, author of “Food is Your Best Medicine” (by Henry Bieler and Maxine Block)

6 comments on “Bieler’s Broth

  1. just enough water to fill the pan after first adding the veggies. do not drain the cooked veggies. puree after cooking. enjoy!

  2. Does Anyone know the first name of Dr. Beeler who invented the broth? I’m trying to locate his old publications.

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