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We Feed On Ourselves

I recall in my medical residency,  while on a pediatric rotation, the pediatrician was encouraging me to invest in defense stocks. He stated, “I made a killing off of the Iraq war.” 

We feed on ourselves 

For 7 years I worked for the Benton County Health System, their 401(k) invests in Kraft Foods, a company  responsible for the creation of so much disease. 

Look at our food system, you walk into the grocery store and what do you see first? Sugar and flour, the foods of kings and queens that only the wealthy could afford in the 1700s at the advent of our industrial food system. “Let them eat cake” Mary Antoinnette said at the time of the French Revolution.  Now that refined food, that white flower, that sugar, oils and high fructose corn syrup,  that industrialized animal agriculture industry is killing us. A gradual steady slow death, a fast rate of degeneration, stealing our anatomy day by day. The system kill us & kills our shared home. 

A food system that creates disease so that a medical & pharmaceutical  system can profit off of this disease. Managing disease,  prolonging life, yes but  a clear quantity over quality reality for most.

We feed on ourselves 

We are asleep to our shared heart space. There is a deep chasm between our soul, our True Self/True Health and the false self. Can we look inward and practice deep listening? Can we feel one another? Or do we falsely continue to fear one another. Separation is an allusion. We are governed by fear and greed, primal survival behavior with a false narrative that perpetuates the corporate machine of death. 

We feed on ourselves 

We are asleep living, a slow death propped up by pharmaceutical Band-Aids, symptom Aids and digital distractions causing daytime apnea, further chasms in genuine connection, abandoned souls, our flesh and depressed reactive consumerism is the fuel for this predatory system.

A intention for repair, for healing, for justice, for forgiveness, for breath, for grounding, for dance and song.

May all beings be happy and free.

May we awaken to our shared heart space.

Awaken to our connections as perfectly imperfect holy beings, one human family. 

May we heal our shared  collective, individual & ancestral trauma. 

May we repair our relationships.

May we  repair & restore our shared home, this planet earth. 

May we stop  investing in stocks that capitalize on suffering, disease and war. 

May we return to our roots where we grow our food locally. 

May we gaze into the eyes of our brothers and sisters.

May we help one another.

May we  love one another.

I am committed to grow more awake and to see and feel more deeply. To not succumb to the numbing forces available under this culture that is out of balance.

I am committed to forgive, to listen, to eye gaze and smile. To feel & see others as they are, children of our Creator.

I am grateful.

This is my prayer today.

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