Forks Feet Fingers Stress Sleep & Love

Forks / Feet / Fingers / Stress / Sleep / Love

Water (example of serving =  8 oz)         

How many servings daily?     0     1     2     3     4     5     more than 5

Beans (examples of servings =  ¼ cup hummus / ½ cup beans / 1 cup fresh peas)

How many servings daily?     0     1     2     3     more than 3

Cruciferous Vegetables like arugula, bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens or kale (examples of servings =  ½ cup / ¼ cup sprouts)

How many servings daily?     0     1     2     more than 2

Greens like lettuce or spinach (examples of servings =  1 cup raw / ½ cup cooked)

How many servings daily?     0     1     2     more than 2

Other Vegetables like mushrooms, sweet potatoes or tomatoes (examples of servings =  ½ cup cooked / 1 cup raw)

How many servings daily?     0     1     2     more than 2

Whole Grains like oatmeal, brown rice, bread (examples of servings =  ½ cup oatmeal / 1 cup cold cereal / 1 tortilla or slice of bread / half a bagel / 3 cups popcorn)

How many servings daily?     0     1     2     3     more than 3

Berries (examples of servings =  ½ cup frozen or fresh / ¼ cup dried)

How many servings daily?     0     1     more than 1

Other Fruit like avocados, bananas or apples (examples of servings =  1 medium / 1 cup /  ¼ cup dried) 

How many servings daily?     0     1     2     3     more than 3

Flaxseed, Chia Seed, or Hemp Seed (serving size 1 tablespoon)

How many servings daily?     0     1     more than 1

Nuts & Seeds (examples of servings =  ¼ cup nuts or seeds / 2 tablespoons of nut or seed butter)

How many servings daily?     0     1     more than 1

Herb & Spices (example of serving =  ¼ teaspoon dried)

How many servings daily?     0     1     more than 1

How many days a week do you exercise?     0     1     2     3     4     5     more than 5

For how long do you exercise?     15     30     45     more than 45 minutes 

Do you spend time outdoors?     Daily     Sometimes     Not often

Tobacco use     Never     Sometimes     Daily     type  ______________

How long do you sleep at night?     less than 5hrs     5     6     7     8     more than 8hrs

How often to you meditate or contemplate or pray?     Daily     Sometimes     Not often     Never

For how long?     15     30     45     more than 45 minutes

Do you have a creative outlet?     Art     Craft     Writing     Music     Other Passion

How often do you find time to be creative?     Daily     Sometimes     Not often     Never

What are your connections?     Friends     Family     Nature     Spiritual

How do you manage your stress?



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The Cause of Preventable Chronic Diseases


The chronic disease rate in children in 1960 was 4%

Today it is 46% percent

Make no mistake, we are sacrificing our children’s health and future for economic gains.

Profit trumps health in our current system.

Until we address food, chemical & environmental policy we will continue to create more disease than prevent. Until then we must continue to educate at local levels on the power of food as medicine and the dangers of chemicals.

Imagine a world without chemical farming. Where our best medicine, whole plant foods are served in all schools and there is access to this best medicine by all. If you believe in a right to health care then it follows that we should have access to our best preventative medicine. Imagine a world where politics and policy bows to and must pass this primary test:  Does this policy help or hurt our children and the planet.

Good for Marianne Williamson for bringing up the true causes of disease that no one else wants to talk about.

Learn more about the causes of cancer below:

Foods and disease, business of medicine:




chemicals will no longer be used on our food & soil
farmers will make more money growing organic food over grass seed and Christmas trees
animal agriculture will fade away
non-human animals will be happy and free
our soil will become alive again
our rivers and air will be clean
tools for true health will be taught
the homeless will be housed
the hungry will be fed
workers will have a living wage
basic health care and education will be a right and free

whole plant foods, nature’s best medicine, will be maximized
medications will be minimized

compassion & joy over fear, anger and greed
sharing over hoarding
present over past
union over separation

The powers that be wish to keep us disconnected, distracted, confused & fearful of one another, pointing fingers at those unknown from afar.

We are better
Our destiny is a greatness not yet known
Love in the end wins

Liberation is the goal
Every day
Every moment there is a choice to be present, to learn, to listen, to let go and transform

Then to share our gifts with the world
This is why we are here



Love others

Serve others

Feed others

— Neem Karoli Baba