The fascination with Mars is an intriguing one. Perhaps it would best serve us to think of it as our future self, that red dead planet is what the earth is destined for if we don’t stop killing each other, killing ourselves and this miraculous shared home. If we continue to be controlled by greed and fear, scapegoating the other, avoiding the dark work of our souls, to the life and love of our true selves where otherness is an allusion and only love is real.

Let’s start with the food

If this country is to be saved, those on the left and right must find common ground to unite on. 

A president, one person, not Trump nor Biden will be the change. 

True health and a rebirth of the soul of humanity, first requires a death

I feel like we are watching our federal government die under the grips of long standing corporate and oligarchic corruption permitting ceaseless wars and predatory capitalism.

Can we see this?

We must heal our ancestral, personal and collective trauma.

We need to reclaim our birthright to a sacred container to do the work.

This change must start from within our own hearts, then locally.

Could we all come together on access to clean non-toxic healthy food and water?

The food system could collapse in the next decade. 

I suggest starting with food. 

Work to support a local sustainable food system 

Let us help each other heal our bodies with the support of and access to local non-toxic foods and clean water. 

This will create community and community can create more physical and mental health, sustainable evolution.

From mental health support we can come together and support ethical functional education and self sufficiency. 

Lets learn from nature again, from the wisdom of our native elders 

Lets start there. Gentle tips:

  • Start a meditation practice 
  • Walk daily as tolerated 
  • Drink more water 
  • Inquire about your local food system, farmers markets
  • Practice listening, seeing one another as the holy beings that we are, perfectly imperfect. 
  • Some tips on healing at, Super 6 Tab. 

Loved this film!

How do we help each other connect with the more than human world? Well, for one, watch & share this film! COVID19 could help if it lead to more outdoor time, outdoor education. We have a nature deficit disorder and only with this great disconnect and subsequent digital distraction could we allow the destruction of the natural world. We are in desperate need of individual and collective rewilding.

Practice: Go outside and listen, see and feel life and feel grateful. Feel home.

May we protect our shared home, each other and all sentient beings.

May we reclaim our birthright, restore the Divine Center! See the Beloved all around us and within.

“Because the totalism [that is, the system] wants to silence, banish, or eliminate every such unwelcome [prophetic] intrusion, the tricky work is to find standing ground outside the totalism from which to think the unthinkable, to imagine the unimaginable, and to utter the unutterable.” —Walter Brueggemann