COVID-19 Prevention Tips

Continue social distancing & hand hygiene practices. Continue to wear a mask indoors in any public space or when visiting friends or family.

Spend more time outdoors! Visit family and friends in outdoor spaces.

Eat a high fiber diet with ideally a variety of whole plant foods – goal 30-40 different plants a week. See Super 6 page for details

Choose organic whenever possible especially if the food is the on the Dirty Dozen list.

Avoid conventional grains, especially wheat due to the high levels of glyphosate (Round Up)

Minimize foods without fiber (meat, dairy, oils, white flour, sugar)

Drink plenty of water (filtered if you do not know how clean it is)

Stay curious about your stress levels, your tools for handling stress. See Super 6 tips for stress.

Exercise daily, slowly advancing as tolerated. At minimum add breathwork exercises

Prioritize adequate sleep, see tips for sleep at Super 6

Recommended daily supplements:

[If I am not your doctor, it is important you consult with your medical provider regarding any supplement recommendations]

1.Vitamin D3 4000 IU with food, if not an Coumadin can also take with K2. I use at D3 of 5000 IU with K2 45 mcg.

2. Vitamin C 500 mg twice daily

3. Zinc 40 mg daily

4. Magnesium 200-400 mg once or twice daily

Make sure to have adequate iodine in your diet via regular sea vegetable intake or the use of iodized salt in moderation or supplementation via iodine drops. Prolonged high dosing of iodine can affect thyroid function. I use Mary Ruth’s Vegan Pure Iodine 2 drops ( 250 mcg ) daily.

Can also consider adding NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 600 mg twice daily

Melatonin .3-3 mg nightly (especially if struggling with sleep)


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