COVID-19 Tips

Get vaccinated!!

Wear a mask!!!

Minimize indoor hangouts with multiple people you do not live with.

Follow a whole food, mostly plant-based diet minimizing sugar, white flour, dairy products and all animal source foods. Let your animal source foods be a garnish to your meal not the main dish.

Although the data is weak, this list of supplements may help boost your immune system:

Zinc 40-50 mg daily
Vitamin C 500 mg twice daily
Vitamin D 5,000 IU daily with food
Quercetin 500 mg twice daily
Melatonin 3-10 mg at bedtime
Aspirin 81 mg ( to thin the blood and help prevent blood clots)
What should I do if I test positive for COVID?
Isolate yourself in self-quarantine to reduce the chance of spreading to others. Quarantine period is dependent upon disease progress. 10 days after onset of symptoms, if you are feeling better and have been fever free for 24 hours, you can return to normal activities. Alternatively, if you are feeling fine at 7 days, taking a repeat antigen test with negative results is sufficient to return to activities. (There is a very slight risk of continued infectivity at this point, I would still recommend avoiding interacting with any high risk individuals until a 14 day period has passed to be completely safe)
As soon as you are aware of your infection, notify any close contacts from 48 hours prior to symptom onset. This can help them take mitigation measures to not accidentally expose high risk individuals or groups. If you were at a large gathering within 48 hours of onset, I recommend a public post so attendees can be aware of potential exposure. Peak infectivity is from 2 days before to 2 days after symptom onset.

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