Total Health Improvement Program THIP Class 3 Recap

Tuesday 3/5/19 THIP United Methodist Church of Monroe. 648 Orchard St, Monroe Oregon. Tuesdays 530-7 PM

Food, Mood & Mindfulness

Eat for health!

Get out of the control and into the body, integrate the 3 neurological centers. 1 head brain 2 heart brain and 3 gut brain through posture and breath awareness, details below

Eat whole plant foods with a diversity of plants to create a diverse micriobiome.

This will decrease inflammation and depression severity. This will add essential nutrients for natural neurotransmitter production

Eat to repair over injure. Consider rate of repair vs rate of injury

How many of our choices help with repair vs injure.

Eat for blood flow.

Consider adding Vitamin D, B, Omega 3 from flaxseed, walnut, dark leafy vegetables, chia seed

Best Diet For Depression from

Antioxidant- and Folate-Rich Foods for Depression from Nutrition Facts

Mindfulness in Medicine Videos From Center for Mindfulness

Food and Mood: Eating Plants to Fight the Blues from PCRM

Rich Roll Podcast videoo: Zach Bush on GMOs, Glyphosate and Healing the Gut

Get whole with awareness of Forks, Feet, Fingers, Stress, Sleep & Love


It is a myth that we need to give up our joy of eating to be healthy

I look forward to my overnight oats soaked in homemade hemp seed milk sweetened with dates and vanilla extract with berries, ground flaxseed, cinnamon, ginger, cacao nibs for breakfast. I absolutely love my breakfast! I look forward to our curry potato, brown rice or quinoa vegetables stews for lunch and dinner or burrito bowls with pumpkin seeds, whole grains, beans and hot sauce. I do not feel deprived. I feel light and energized in my body. I am eating for optimal blood flow and loving every bite. With every meal I know I am repairing damaged blood vessels and healing my body.

Eat whole nutrient dense fiber foods!

Shift your plant to animal ratio, your whole to processed ratio

Perfection is impossible, to be whole is the goal!

Whole foods with fiber: Vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, seeds

Avoid or keep to 2 servings or less a week “meats and treats” which are foods WITHOUT fiber

Foods without fiber = meat, eggs, dairy, cheese, oils, white flour, sugar

Eat oatmeal with 1-2 tablespoons fresh ground flaxseed with berries and plant milk

Try “overnight oats” for breakfast:

  • Soak 1/2 cup of steel cut oats after rinsing before bed, soak in plant milk overnight in the fridge.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of fresh ground organic flaxseeds, berries, cinnamon

We encourage a large salad with beans, whole grains for one meal a day.

Hemp milk recipe:

  • Blend ¼ cup raw shelled hemp seeds with 2 cups water for 40 seconds
  • Add a few pitted dates and vanilla extract to taste

Read to serve, no need to filter.

Try burrito bowls for lunch and dinner. Google: whole food plant based burrito bowel recipes

Try living on sweet potatoes and kale with fruit for snacks and dessert for a few days.


Move your body a little bit every day as tolerated

ie mini squats in your home, walking in the house or outside, stationary cycling, gentle yoga stretches

Goal to increase exercise to 30-40 minutes a day

FINGERS: Avoid tobacco use


To balance your nervous system, relax the body and prevent compression pain we need to recruit back your parasympathetic nervous system.

To do this:

Practice soft belly breathing and posture awareness

The belly should rise on inhalation and fall on exhalation

Allow shoulders to rest on top of the rib cage avoiding ‘ear muffs’

Minimize slouching, goal for a straight spine and strong core


Prioritize adequate sleep

Minimize screen time 2-3 hours before bed

Read a real book before bed

Consider melatonin assist, take 1-3 mg after dinner

Minimize lighting in home in evening

See my sleep hygiene handout at for more ideas


Connect with yourself, go inward

Choose a few minutes every day for silent contemplation, prayer

Practice gratitude: Place hands on chest and feel one thing you are grateful for for 1-3 minutes before getting out of bed in the AM each day.

Connect with other sentient beings

Be curious about grudges, need for forgiveness, adequate grief work

Next weeks class topic: Prevention & Reversal of Heart Disease.

Class details and RSVP on Facebook or call 541-766-6000