I have a dream (part 2)

One problem I have with most functional medicine practitioners as well as most of mainstream medicine is their obsession with the use of animal flesh. Yes it may make patients feel temporarily better. I suspect more to the drug-like effect of such a high fat & calorically dense food choice. And you get to give them good news about their bad behavior and you create permanent patients. AKA a permanent source of revenue. But I digress…What they don’t get is ‘feeling better’ does not always equate to healing and that the healing that truly needs to occur will often only do such on Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition and occasionally water fasting.

Reduce your carbon footprint! Reduce & Resist! Eat more whole plant foods! Drink water. Ditch the dairy completely. We do not encourage drinking your calories but is is easy to find a nut/seed/grain milk you enjoy. Use Miyoko’s vegan cashew cheese or other pure and yes original non dairy cheeses for transitioning assistance and an occasional treat. Avoid or minimize oils! It takes about 45 olives to make a spoonful of olive oil. Oils are just too caloric dense.

Be aware of your thinking. “Thoughts are things” Think positively and meditate! Practice mindfulness. Presence. Show up for each moment as complete as you can. It goes by fast. Move your body and prioritize deep healing sleep.

The # 1 cause of death is heart disease, # 2 is cancer, # 3 is due to the side effects of main stream medicine that over relies on high cost tertiary care interventions i.e. coronary bypass surgeries, symptom care and disease management which feeds the pharmeutical machine or dare I say medical industrial complex rather than true prevention and disease reversal through using Food As Our Best Medicine using Whole Plant Food Nutrition.

I have a dream of universal true heath care not mere sick care and chronic disease management. We know that up to 90# of chronic disease is preventable when we eat mostly whole plants and move our bodies. That is true prevention not just shaming patients, families and employees every year to get their flu shots and immunize their children. As Viola Frymann, DO once told me immunization is a ‘violation’ whether we like it or not and we should be open to at least discussing an alternative immunization schedule. That holds off on hepatitis B vaccine at the first days life if the immunization status of the parents is known when the only other ways of contracting it are through high risk sexual behavior and IV drug use. That gives the delicate nervous and immune system another year at least to develop before the MMR vaccine. That recognizes the futility of the HPV vaccine and the dangers associated. i.e. Gardasil has been taken off the market in Japan due to the amount of complications and even deaths. That recognizes that the MMR has been proven to cause encephalopathy and other processes that make up up the spectrum of autism so perhaps the vaccine may actually may be at least a trigger for autism. We cannot ignore the fact that billions of tax payer dollars have been paid out in vaccine injury court over the years. Can we not at least have discussion and not make it such a black and white issue. I am for safe immunizations timely given in properly screened infants with adequate informed consent. There is no way I would get though a pediatric ‘well child’ check visit if i spent the time providing adequate informed consent.

I have a dream for a way of living, a lifestyle not a diet or program that prevents disease and permits optimal health. This is rarely sustainably achieved without a whole food plant based diet as the foundation. This way of living is non-violent and resonates with my non-violent soul that wants only peace and protection for all sentient beings. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all connected. We share one home, Planet Earth. The most powerful thing one can do to protect our planet for future generations is to stop eating meat. So know that if you even just eat one less serving of meat a week you are making a difference. So eat MORE vegetables, fruit, beans and whole grains, seeds and nuts. Increase the good. Embrace nutritional excellence and at least give yourself a chance to feel healthy and happy living the life you were meant to live. Fully present, calm and awake and living in kindness, and non-violence, ahimsa. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

I have a dream for a shared home & community where veganic farming can help heal our brothers and sisters. That animals can have sanctuary and people can stay for a time to heal their bodies from this toxic, in food, water and thought world. If you have a similar dream or interest: I am looking for a place in south Corvallis where this could potentially be created on Saturday and appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

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